Have you ever wanted to make your apps look more spectacular without spending a lot of time and effort on graphics? Here, you’ll learn how to use Unity’s VFX Graph to make stunning visual effects. You’ll use simple, node-based visual logic to control complex simulations, like a flock of flying…

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a great feature available to C# Unity developers. Many developers don’t know it exists or how to use it though and lose out on the great time & code savings it can provide. …

Post-Processing is one of the biggest and most effective subjects in Unity. It can change how the game looks completely!


Post-Processing has many effects which you can use in your project to improve the appearance of your scene. There are many effects and I will list them below.
- Ambient Occlusion

We have seen how variables store information and how methods perform actions, but our programming toolkit is still somewhat limited. We need a way of creating a sort of super container that has its variables and methods that can be referenced from the container itself. Enter classes:

· Conceptually, a…

What do we do when we need to go through the entire collection element by element? This is called Iteration and C# provides several statement types that let us loop through collection elements.

Iteration statements are like methods, in that they store a block of code to be executed; unlike…

Imran Momin

A VR/AR developer, who enjoys making games and developing interactive environments using Unity’s XR integration toolkit for Oculus quest and HTC vive devices.

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