Have you ever wanted to make your apps look more spectacular without spending a lot of time and effort on graphics? Here, you’ll learn how to use Unity’s VFX Graph to make stunning visual effects. You’ll use simple, node-based visual logic to control complex simulations, like a flock of flying…

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) is a great feature available to C# Unity developers. Many developers don’t know it exists or how to use it though and lose out on the great time & code savings it can provide. …

The class-based multiplayer shooter features a variety of game modes and characters, including a giant sentient mushroom.

Impulse Gear, the developer behind the sci-fi action/adventure VR game Farpoint, today revealed its latest project, Larcenauts, an Overwatch-like multiplayer shooter that will have two teams of six going head-to-head in a variety…

With the strong launch of Oculus Quest 2 (Facebook/Oculus has collected a record number of monthly active users over the last 7 weeks), the adoption of VR devices is growing like mushrooms after the rain. More than 100 VR games are already making over $1 million, and the business VR…

Business cards are pretty much dead. They have been around forever and they don’t do much for creating a great impression. …

Post-Processing is one of the biggest and most effective subjects in Unity. It can change how the game looks completely!


Post-Processing has many effects which you can use in your project to improve the appearance of your scene. There are many effects and I will list them below.
- Ambient Occlusion

If class and struct are the blueprints of our program, then OOP is the architecture that holds everything together. It has specific principles for how the overall program should work and communicate. …

Classes are reference types — that is, when they are assigned or passes to another variable, the original object is referenced, not a new copy.

Basic Syntax

Classes are created using the class keyword as follows:

accessModifier class UniqueName

Any variables or methods declared inside a class…

We have seen how variables store information and how methods perform actions, but our programming toolkit is still somewhat limited. We need a way of creating a sort of super container that has its variables and methods that can be referenced from the container itself. Enter classes:

· Conceptually, a…

What do we do when we need to go through the entire collection element by element? This is called Iteration and C# provides several statement types that let us loop through collection elements.

Iteration statements are like methods, in that they store a block of code to be executed; unlike…

Imran Momin

A VR/AR developer, who enjoys making games and developing interactive environments using Unity’s XR integration toolkit for Oculus quest and HTC vive devices.

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